Towards Understanding the Qur’an (Tafhim al-Qur’an) 5 Volume Starter Set


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Five volumes selected by Kube Volume 2 (Surahs Al-Nisa’ Al-Ma’idah and Al-An’am, 4-6) Volume 3 (Surahs Al-A’raf, Al-Anfal and Al-Tawbah, 7-9) Volume 5 (Surahs Bani Isra’il, Al-Kahf, Maryam, Ta-Ha and Al-Anbiya’, 17-21) Volume 7 (Surahs Al-Furqan, Al-Shu’ara’, Al-Naml and Al-Qasas (25-28) Volume 8 (Surahs Al-Ankabut – Al-Sajdah, 29-32) If any of the listed volumes are out of stock, Kube will replace it with another volume without prior notice A lively and highly readable English rendering of Tafhim al-Quran. This Tafsir answers contemporary questions and makes the Quran fully relevant to the concerns of our day, yet it loses none of its timelessness nor sacrifices any of the traditional understanding. Each surah is prefaced by an account of the background and teachings. Maps and indexes add greatly to the work.


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