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Moving Forward: Strategies for Addressing Discrimination and Prejudice Against Muslims in Modern Times

Education and awareness-raising: One of the most powerful tools for combating negative attitudes is knowledge and understanding. By educating non-Muslims…

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The Islamic Perspective on Alcohol and Drug Use

One of the main reasons for this prohibition can be found in the Quran, the holy book of Islam. In…

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Combating Domestic Violence: Islamic Perspective and Practical Solutions

Domestic violence is a prevalent issue affecting individuals, families, and communities around the world. In the Islamic community, it is…

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The Power of Prayer: How Praying for Others Can Benefit You and Your Loved Ones

Praying for others is an act of selfless love that can have numerous benefits for both the person praying and…

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Rightly Guided: 10 Muslim New Year Resolutions to Help Us Stay on the Right Path

As the new year approaches, it's easy to make excuses for why we can't reach our goals. But as Muslims,…

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Equality and Empowerment: A Religious Perspective on the Women’s Movement in Iran

As the Women's Movement in Iran continues to gain momentum and bring about important discussions and protests surrounding mandatory hijab…

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