Consent in Islam: No means No, Fam

A conversation with Atiqul Islam: Understanding the moral and cultural significance of consent in Islamic relationships.

Every day, we receive countless emails asking us to publish articles on Harambee Halal, and among them, we recently received one from a young man named Atiqul Islam, originally from East London Bangladesh, who moved to the West five years ago. We sat down with him and had a conversation about an essential topic that we believe deserves more attention – consent in Islam. With Atiqul’s permission, we decided to turn our discussion into a blog post to spread awareness and educate others about this crucial aspect of our faith.

Atiqul Islam: No means No, Fam

As young Muslims, we gotta keep it real and recognise that we’re gonna come across people from different backgrounds, yeah? And when we do, we gotta show respect to everyone, no matter where they come from or what they believe in. And that includes understanding sexual consent, ya feel me? It’s like a basic rule that we gotta follow if we wanna show love and respect to each other. And it ain’t just something that’s important in Islam, it’s like a human right, innit? We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that means getting permission before we do anything sexual with someone else. So, let’s keep it real and make sure we’re always showing respect to others and respecting their boundaries, ya hear?

We gotta understand that consent is key in any sexual relationship. The Quran straight up says, “Don’t force your slave-girls into doing the dirty if they wanna stay pure and chase that righteous life” (24:33). That means, even if someone’s your slave, you can’t make them do anything sexual if they don’t want to. It’s all about respect, you know what I’m saying? We gotta respect each other’s boundaries and not try to force anyone into anything they don’t wanna do. That’s just not cool, fam. So, let’s keep it real and make sure we’re always getting that mutual consent before we do anything sexual, alright?

Let me break it down for ya’ll. In Islam, we ain’t about that zina life, you get me? That’s just a fancy way of saying sex outside of marriage is a no-go. Why? Because marriage is where it’s at, fam. It’s a bond between two people that’s built on mutual respect and consent. And our, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), said it straight up – “Don’t treat women like animals, talk to them and show them respect” (Tirmidhi). That’s why communication is so important, innit? We gotta make sure we’re on the same page with our partners and respecting their boundaries. So, let’s keep it real and stay away from that zina life, and instead, build meaningful relationships based on mutual respect and consent, yeah?

Let me tell you something, my G. Even when you’re married, you still gotta get that consent, ya feel me? Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), said, “You can’t just get it on with your wife without her say-so” (Ibn Majah). That means, even if you’re married, you still gotta make sure your partner’s down for whatever you’re planning, innit?

It’s all about mutual respect and consent, fam. So, let’s keep it real and make sure we’re always getting that green light before we get it on, ya hear?

Yo fam, let me tell you about the difference between growing up back home and here in the Western world. Back home, you couldn’t even fart without your aunty hearing it down the street. But here, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want – as long as you don’t get caught by your parents, innit.

Back home, you had to pray five times a day or else you’d get a good ol’ clap from your parents or even the neighbors. But here, you can skip prayer and no one will say anything – except maybe for your Islamic teacher or your local imam.

And don’t even get me started on relationships, bro. Back home, you had to hide behind a bush just to hold hands with your girl. But here, you can go on dates, have sleepovers, and even live together before marriage – if that’s your thing.

But on a real though, being a young Muslim in the West is not easy. It’s a constant struggle to balance your faith and the temptations of the world around you. But as long as you keep true to your values and principles, you can still have a good time while staying on the straight and narrow, ya get me?

Listen up, my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters! I know we all wanna get freaky sometimes, but we gotta remember that sexual consent is no joke! It’s not just some legal mumbo jumbo, it’s a moral obligation, innit. We gotta make sure both parties are on the same page and know what they’re getting into. And yo, don’t be spreading your business all over town! Keep your sexual escapades private, or else you’ll be the talk of the town quicker than you can say “haram”. And trust me, what you do today can come back and bite you in the butt tomorrow, so think before you act! Let’s protect our dignity and our chastity, and make sure we’re living up to the values of our faith.

Mashallah young man from East London Atiqul Islam Street Interview.

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